Don't play guessing games with
your fleet's driver pay and benefits

Start benchmarking your professional driver wages, benefits, bonuses, and incentives using accurate, verified, and actionable survey data to know exactly where you stand in the market at large and against your peers  

For-hire fleet HR directors, recruiting professionals, and motor carrier executive teams need accurate, verified, and actionable data to make critical decisions about their compensation, benefits, and incentives to build effective driver retention programs, ensure they remain competitive in driver recruiting, and communicate effectively with shipper customers in rates negotiations.

The National Survey of Driver Wages has been the trucking industry's gold-standard source for driver wage and benefits data since 1995. Subscribers have access to the latest data on driver wages 24/7 in the NTI Subscriber Portal, where they can run unlimited benchmarking reports across regions, by trailer type, and against select competitors — all within a Power BI platform that makes the data simple to understand and useful within all fleet departments.



On average, for-hire trucking companies spend more than $7,000 to replace a single driver. And that doesn't even include lost revenue to an empty, idle truck

Here's how the National Survey of Driver Wages guides fleets to create more effective recruiting and retention programs:


»Compare 100+

compensation attributes

Review trends and data for over 100 unique attributes of regional and OTR driver compensation packages

»Run on-demand reports whenever your fleet needs them

Run custom reports for the data your team needs 24/7/365 within the NTI Subscriber Portal

»Monitor real-time data on incentives and benefits

From per-diem pay, health insurance, and retirement to referral bonuses and guaranteed pay — utilize NTI insights to calibrate your comp programs


»Benchmark with Power BI-driven graphs and visuals

See your fleet's existing pay in easy-to-understand visuals on a national and regional level, and compare van, reefer, flatbed, and tank segments for company drivers and independent contractors 

»Understand how market trends are affecting driver wages

Armed with insights from the NTI Subscriber Portal, chart the momentum of driver wages and adjust your pay programs to remain competitive in fast-changing market cycles 

»Find opportunities to expand in your market

Neutral, accurate reporting of driver wages can help you negotiate freight rates with ease and make operational decisions about where and when to expand your workforce

A trusted partner to North America's top for-hire motor carriers

"When you read articles, industry surveys, or just in general discussion — driver pay is the first and most popular topic. With NTI's surveys, we are able to stay on top of industry wage adjustments and continue to run the business without sacrificing valuable time. NTI's program allows you to see more than just details on driver wages. You are able to make informed decisions on where you could see improvements in your total driver package."

— Ascend

"We have relied on the National Transportation Institute for more than 15 years as our go-to source on driver pay and benefits data. The National Survey of Driver Wages allows us to make accurate and informed decisions about where our driver pay, benefits, bonuses and accessorials rank compared to other carriers.   We know what we have to do to continue to hire the best drivers that meet our tough standards."

—Barr-Nunn Transportation

How it works:

1. Book a demo with our team of experts to see how our benchmarking tools guide fleets to build compensation programs that drive recruiting and retention goals

2. Once subscribed to the National Survey of Driver Wages, you and your team can access the NTI Subscriber Portal 24/7 to run unlimited benchmarking reports to monitor wages and trends throughout the course of your annual subscription. 

3. On a quarterly basis, we'll email you a participation survey to input your fleet's latest data so you can benchmark in real-time 

4. Implement data-driven adjustments to your compensation programs to recruit and retain effectively and as a foundation for your contract negotiations with shipper and broker customers